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Good News , Bad news, mostly good - SSDs

Marty Justice

New Member
My little 5005 128G ssd filled up and became an issue. Time to go bigger. Being in the U.S. the local Best Buy had WD, Sandisk (the same thing with different label) and Samsung SSDs. Read on this forum that Minis didn't like Samsung. So I bought a 1TB 2.5 inch SSD and a 1TB M2 SSD both Sandisk 3D type.
Did not recongize the Sandisk M2, figured as much.
It did recongized the 2.5 inch Sandisk SSD, goody-goody
Did a boot to recovery on the original drive and may a clean install like new on the 128G M2 ssd. Installed the Sandisk 2.5 inch 3d SSD formated. Downloaded an imaging tool , like Macrium Reflect. Copied both partitions to the new SSD and adusted the Primary partition size to fill the rest of the SSD. Let it run (about 4 hours). Imaged new drive. Then removed the original 128 G m2 ssd. Boom, Bob's your uncle a new 1 TB primary drive for $85.
Hope this helps someone, because I really like my little Minis box.
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