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GN34 Fan noisy and question about windows 8.1


New Member
Hello, i bought minisforum gn34 with j3455 and windows 10 pro a month's ago , Since from the first setup and test i've notice this :
Under 50 degree's the fan can't start
At 50 degree's the fan start at maxinum speed very noisy for many second and stop to 45 degrees, start and stop many times

my bios is 00.17 29/06/2019

can I do something to fix this boredom? the ideal would be that the fan turns on at low rotation and then at high rotation, instead it turns on only at maximum rotation in my case

Next question :

Can i install windows 8.1 with bing or similiar to ssd m2 slot ? i will want to buy in these day an ssd m2 2242 Transcend TS120GMTS420S and i ask you if this is compatibile with gn34 ?
Are there drivers for windows 8.1 ?

i will want to install windows 8.1 because i notice that windows 10 pro require much heavy graphic and cpu resource than 8.1


KODLIX developer
Staff member
Because the Windows program needs to increase the CPU load at startup. At this point, the temperature rises, triggering the fan to rotate.
support m2 2242 Transcend TS120GMTS420S ,But not support windows 8.1 ,we don't have windows8.1 driver
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