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GN31 no audio (Win10 20H2)


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Hi everyone,
I just bought the GN31 (with J3710 CPU). The first thing I did was to try and update Win10 from the pre-installed 1903 version to the latest 2004 version, in order to have all the latest functionalities and security patches from Microsoft. Unfortunately something went wrong during the update, and so I made a bootable USB with the new Win10 inside to install the system from scratch.

The new installation was ok. I then downloaded all the drivers for the GN31 from the Mediafire links you provide to your customers. However, the audio via HDMi wasn't working at all. I then went on the Intel website, installed the Intel Driver & Support Assistant software, scanned the GN31 system with it, and found out 3 drivers were outdated, among which HD Audio. I updated every driver to the latest, with no luck. Still no audio.

So, even though Windows and all the drivers are installed correctly and up to date, there is no audio. What should I do?

Edit: After a few other tries, I realized my old monitor didn't handle sound through HDMi, and I had to use a traditional audio wire. On a newer monitor, audio works great via HDMi.
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