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GN31 Boot is intrermittent: Sometimes works sometimes blank screen


New Member
I received the GN31 B07T2876DK from Amazon less than a week ago. Sometimes it boots up perfectly to my Win10 login screen and I can use it for hours. But half the time it boots to a blank screen (mostly white with some random black dots) and my monitor reports the video is at the correct resolution and refresh rate.

I have to pull the power plug as the GN31 will not respond to pushing the red start button. I leave the plug out for a minute and then reconnect to try to boot again. It seems very inconsistent.

Is there a problem with the reset or initialization of the motherboard?


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Upon further investigation it appears that there may be fewer problems when I push the start button only briefly. Does this make sense?

Last evening I shut down Win10 and the computer showed to be off (no blue light) but this morning it was on again and the screen was blank (mostly white with a few black dots). Why did the computer turn on?


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You can look for Amazon sellers to support return and exchange. thanks
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