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GK41 - this DP>DVI/Hdmi Adapters are working


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I use this adapter on the GK41

For three Monitors
Cable Matters Dreifacher 4K Mini DisplayPort/DisplayPort Splitter Hub mit 2X DisplayPort und 1x HDMI für Windows und Linux. Mit DisplayPort 1.4 und DSC1.2 für bis zu dreifache 4K 60Hz Auflösung This allows three monitors to be controlled. DP> DVI / Hdmi adapters can also be connected

This adapter also works for one Monitor
Plugable DisplayPort zu HDMI Adapter, 2.0 Aktiver Adapter, unterstützt Bildschirme bis zu 4K / UHD / 3840x2160@60 Hz

I hope this is helpful



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Sometimes the third monitor does not work when the computer wakes up from standby.
1.) There is a reset button on the adapter. After pressing the button, the third monitor works again.
2.) Unplugging and plugging in the adapter
3.) Restart the computer
Any of these three solutions will work.

Alternatively, the HDMI cable can also be plugged directly into the computer, in which case this problem does not occur.

Forgot the Link in the first post

Greets Olaf
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