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GK41 : issue with Redmi monitor / issue [SOLVED] power ON after Win10 shut down


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I've just purchased a GK41 through Amazon and I have 2 problems :

- connected in HDMI (with cable supplied and 2 other cables) to a brand new Redmi LED IPS Full HD 23.8 inch monitor, the image turns black and goes back to normal all the time.
Display is in 1920x1080 as required and at 60Hz.
Exactly the same problem as antonyb in his thread "GK41 HDMI problem" May 14 2021, same as his video.
A cross test with the Redmi monitor connected to my old PC shows the monitor is working good with no problem.
Strangely, my old LG LED IPS Full HD 22.4 inch monitor (with the same HDMI cables) is working perfectly well with the GK41 (same display settings).

- after turning OFF from Win10 start menu, if I let the GK41 OFF for couple hours, when I try to turn ON by pressing the POWER button, the blue led goes dim and I have to unplug the power supply and plug it again to start the GK41, 4 sec press does nothing.
But if I do the same and turn ON just after, it's ok.
I don't understand.

Thank you for any help.
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Ok, strange but I can understand.

And what about the ON/OFF problem ?
A computer that require to unplug-plug the power supply to start seems normal to you ?


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Thanks to joey and after a BIOS update with the file he sent me, the power button issue is solved.


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Please send me your current version of bios.
Step: Press "Win + R"-> "msinfo32"-> see BIOS version.
I will assist you to solve it
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