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GK41 does not start anymore


New Member
Hi, I have used my GK4q for a few weeks, now it does not boot, I get message

EFI Shell version 2.50 [5.12]
Current running mode 1.1.2
map: cannot find required map name

I read many forums on bios config and reset and disconnect battery etc, I tried many things but no success. anyone has experience with this on Minis PC? Shall I open it and remove the SSD (if possible)? Shall I buy a new SSD - and lose all of my data?
I tried a USB stick with Ubuntu and it starts, the disk utility in ubuntu does not show the 128GB SSD on the GK41 (not sure it is normal or not).

Any advice will be very appreciated


Staff member
You can remove the SSD for inspection, or press F7 repeatedly to select the SSD to start up when booting.
Or you can reinstall the Windows system to fix the issue
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