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Fleet of Z8350s locking up randomly


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Hello, we use many Z8350 minis in a large deployment. They will eventually lockup after a few days. The display is locked up and must be power cycled. Running windows 10 with latest updates. 1909 originally and now 20H1, but same problem. There is no indication in event manager why it locked up. Temps are in the 60c range. There seems to be no commonality that we can identify.

We replaced an entire batch of 20 minis with new ones hoping it was a fluke, but the problem persists with the new ones. We even took them out of the location to a new controlled environment and they still behave the same.

We have a large number of older Z8350 from a few years ago that are still running alright, so it seems to be recent models.

Look around the forum this seems to be happening to others as well. Very disappointing.


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The latest system of Z83 is the 2004 version of windows 10.
@svtech I was having a similar problem with a couple in our deployments. They were playing video/image loops all day and would freeze after a few days. I was able to get them to stop by NOT running them at 4K resolution, and turning the power management down to Balanced.
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