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[fixed] 4 USB port no power on ubuntu 20.04


great, it works. thanks a lot for your support :)
Yup. Works like a charm now. It's not really a HM50 problem but, in my opinion after my limited research, more of a Linux driver issue for this series of CPU & chipset as other like AMD Ryzen systems have this same quirk.


Disabling IOMMU is one possible solution but disables some important functions for virtualization performance.
If you don't use Virtual Machines its OK but there is another solution that don't penalize performance or functions.

IOMMU in one very important source of boot and USB problems in Linux.
I have created a detailed documentation on this topics:
  • What IOMMU controller does?
  • Different fixes for boot and USB problems related to IOMMU in Linux
  • How to tell if you are running on an emulated IOMMU or a Hardware one?
  • How to check if hardware IOMMU controller and passthrough are enabled?
I have posted the documentation in the Ryzen 5 4500U section:
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