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fedora 31 - server edition


New Member
I installed the last fedora 31, in server edition, because I need a headless server that manage containers.
The installation gone well, although I had to choose a rescue installation mode, because in the classic mode, there are troubles with the video card driver I think.
My issue, is that when I want to "reboot" or "halt" the PC, the system shut down BUT the PC doesnt want to switch off : the light of the button stay on, and the fan stay up also.
Do you guys made some tests with the fedora server ? maybe there is an option to pass at the boot kernel but I dont know which one. I tried acpi=off and noapic but it doesnt work.


KODLIX developer
Staff member
i3-5005U is not a server CPU. I have not tested the fedora 31 server version completely.
But I will test and confirm this problem as soon as possible.


KODLIX developer
Staff member
Are you installing fedora?
Please try to enter “ sudo halt ” or " init 0 " and "shutdown -h now "
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