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Fan has been really noisy for some weeks now, hasn't been in the beginning


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Hello Board,

when I ordered my PC from Amazon some months ago, I immediately started to stream with it. It was nice and quiet, although I used Zoom, Streamlabs, Chrome (for Foundry VTT) and Twitch already. (maybe a PDF open on the side). Now I did not change anything with the setup. However, for a couple of months now, the PC has gotten noticeably warmer and during streams it roars audibly to life and disturbs the streaming sound.

Does anybody have an idea why it has gotten more and more active lately resp. the PC has gotten warmer? People can hear it via Twitch and it bugs the hell out of me.

It's Windows 10 btw.

Thanks in advance and BR,

Carbon fib'er

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I would blow it out with compressed air. Maybe it has accumulated dust? (I live in a dusty climate and can get a cloud of dust out of a laptop/desktop after 3-4 months.

I'm also in a hot climate. I'm acustomed to using cooling stands beneath laptops to help put air into the base of the laptop. My Minisforum HX90 has the fan intake at the top. So, I bought a $20 USD fan to sit on top and blow air into it.[1] I used duct tape to tape around the base of that fan to the top of the computer case so the air wouldn't come out the bottom sides of the fan sitting on the case. I want to force it in as much as possible.

That fan is very quiet, and prevents the internal fan from working as hard. It has a 3-speed switch. If I'm re-encoding a video which can take 12 hours to finish, I'll put it on hi. During normal activity, low or medium is fine (low especially in the winter.).

That might help you. The fact that this is May, and you said it was doing ok the past couple months, maybe your climate has warmed up and the internal fan has to work harder now? That 140mm fan is pretty quiet even on high setting. It could keep your internal fan from working as hard (even on a lower setting.).

[1] AC Infinity MULTIFAN S4, Quiet 140mm USB Fan. They make a 100mm, 120mm. I got the 140mm even though the fan hole into the machine is less than 100mm. I wanted more volume for the speed.
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