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Failure of activation after update for some Mini PCs


Hi, I am thinking of doing to do a clean installation of Windows 10 from the download image from your website on my new UM300 I ordered through Amazon because I'm having trouble with some drivers not being installed properly and also I can't get Windows to go to sleep. Currently Device Manager says there is a "Multimedia Controller" listed in "Other devices" section and it says the driver is not installed. I looked up the hardware ID (PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_15E2&SUBSYS_15E21022&REV_00) which points to an AMD Audio device, but I can't find a suitable driver on the Support page for it. I tried downloading all the drivers for the UM300 and installing or unpacking them, but every time I tell Device Manager to update the driver using one of the downloaded sets of files, it says no driver was found for that hardware.

Anyway, after I do a clean installation of Windows 10 Pro, will I need a Product Key to reactivate it when it completes? I don't see one anywhere in or on the product box. Thanks.


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Hi. I've just upgraded Windows 10 on my N34 fanless and am being told my Windows has not been activated. Please could I have some assistance. Thanks.


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Thanks. I have tried that but it says I have no connection to the Internet, even though I do. Then it says I should contact the manufacturer. I installed a new SSD so I have enough storage to carry out a Windows update.


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I am also having issues with activation after restore of Windows 10.
I get the Windows key but activation impossible (error code : 0x803fa067).
Model: Z83-V
Many Thanks :)

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I have a Z83 with Windows 10 home and I did a reset and updates on it. Now it's saying windows is not activated. Can you help me fix this?

Thank you
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