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Expansion SSD


New Member
Hello, I plan to buy the U700.
Following comments and messages on the forum for the U500 model there are compatibility issues for adding an SSD.
It is better to add an HDD. Are there the same problems for the U700?
Thank you in advance ;)

John Drive

New Member
i confirm that the issue is present in U700 as well.
I' ve tested a samsung SSD 500 Gb without success, while an old HDD works with no problem.
Anyway I just bought a kingstone SSD 1TB and it works properly.


Staff member
Did you add a 2.5-inch SSD?
U700 only supports 2.5-inch HDD, not 2.5-inch SSD.

John Drive

New Member
Yes, i added a kingston SSD.
It seems that some SSD brands and some capacity are accepted , while others are not.
I also added a 200 Gb micro SD, and it was accepted as well.
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