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Expansion options, M.2, SATA, Memory


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I´ve got a U700 some days ago.
As the original configuration is quite poor, i wanted to change / add components. The result is really bad ...
1. Change installed M.2 SATA 128 GB to new M.2 SATA EVO860 512 GB - System hangs with the minis forum logo
2. Add additional 2.5 inch SATA SSD Crucial M550 512 GB (roughly 3 years old works well in another system) - System hangs with the minis forum logo
3. Add additional 2.5 inch SATA SSD Samsung EVO860 1 TB (brandnew) - System hangs with the minis forum logo
4. Change installed 8 GB DDR3L Memory to 2xKingston 8GB DDR3L -12800 Memory - System works
Is there any update to get this stuff working?
If not, i need to return my U700 System, which i would like to avoid.

John Drive

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@ HeinoHH
According to users' experieces here in the forum, it seems that some models/brands work fine, while others have issues with the U700.
Personally my experience is that a Samsung SSD i owned, did not work; on the other hand, i bought a 1Gb Kingston SSD and it works flawlessly.
I also bought one Kingstone 8Gb DDR RAM module to add to U700's existing one, and it works fine as well.
I don't have any idea about the replacement of the M.2 SSD, but i would not risk buying a samsung or a crucial, as these are good brands but some users (you are one, for instance) reported issues in using with U700


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@HeinoHH Sorry for the inconvenience
1. M.2 SATA EVO860 512 GB is not compatible
2. For 2.5inch SATA expansion port, we stipulate that only HDD can be installed, but currently some SSDs can be recognized
3. 2xKingston 8GB DDR3L can perfectly match U700
@John Drive Thanks for your share. this information is very helpful to us
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I got a Western Digital WD BLUE SN550 NVMe SSD of 512GB that is not recognize by the U700 system, Does it require a BIOS update?, or Which brand/model is compatible with this U700? Thanks


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The M.2 2280 SSD port of U700 uses M.2 2280 SATA SSD. hope this information is helpful to you.
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