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EliteMini X500-5700G - what is the estimated shipping date?


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Hi! I ordered X500-5700G on https://store.minisforum.com/ more than a month ago, and my order is still in "Paid" and "Unfulfilled" status. Order number: MS7211. FAQ on store page says "Q6. When will X500-5700G ship? A: In Early-October", but this does not seem to be true. I tried to contact via https://store.minisforum.com/pages/contact-us a week ago, got no answer.

I understand that we are at the peak of chip shortage right now, so delays are expected. But I still want to know at least an estimated date of when I'll get an ordered device.


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It turned out that package was actually sent in October, they just forgot to update order status.


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Can't answer an existing topic, what should I do ??
Maybe I'm not writing correctly?
Please help.
Yours faithfully.
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