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EliteMini Ryzen 9 HM90


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I am looking to purchase EliteMini HM90. The only concern I have is its 65W power adapter. Comparing to the Power Adapter comes with HX90, HM90's power adapter only support half of power consumption. Is 65W power adapter sufficient for running HM90 with 64GB DDR4 and 2 x 2TB SSD at full load?

Because I will install 2 SSD on HM90, does HM90 support RAID 0, 1?

Thanks in advance.


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Thank you Wen. One more question in general, I don't see BIOS update from minisforum website.

Do you know where to get the BIOS update for the PCs purchased here? Where can I download drivers?
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HM90 ------>4900H
Not officially on sale 。
Here's a posting


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So the PSU in the box is not enough to push at full load the CPU. Will Minisforum update the PSU to a 100W?
Is the BIOS fully unlocked, can the CPU be setted at 54W in the BIOS?
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