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DMAF5 something went wrong during bios update

I wanted to install windows 11 on my DMAF5 but saw that this device was not compatible with it. So I started to check if it was possible to update the bios so that I could install windows 11
After some search I found on this forum an updated bios from minisforum and updated my DMAF5, but something went wrong ;.;

now is there way to start the device using a backup bios ? or do I need to flash the Bioschip on my device?

device do not boot at all. ;.;

ps : a page where you can download the bios for your device would be nice.


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Maybe you flashed other BIOS or failed to boot due to incomplete flashing. The only solution is to solder the bios chip, and then use the tool to flash the correct bios. Hope you understand.


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CorruptBios thank you for sharing what you did to recover, I was able to do the same with the CH341a thanks to your information. Merçi bien!
I had to first flash the update here (using the CH341a):
MINISFORUM SUPPORT: What is current Bios for DMAF5? | MinisForum
Then when the machine booted, I ran the .bat file in the update found here:
TPM 2.0 | MinisForum

Thank you to Minisforum for the BIOS update allowing us to install Windows 11. I was successfully able to upgrade.
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