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Cannot boot from M2 ssd


New Member
My X35G has a 1Tb hard drive and Intel optane. I installed an M2 ssd. The M2 ssd works and I have loaded it with Windows and can run windows from it
but it does not show up in the Bios as a boot option. I wish to remove the hard drive but when I do, the PC does not boot. How can I fix this?


Staff member
Because HDD works with Optane memory. If you want to use M.2, please do not use Optane memory and HDD.
Regarding the Boot items, you can press F7 repeatedly to check when you boot.


New Member
Thanks for reply. I have removed the Optane memory and replaced it with a 500Gb M2 NVME.
I wish to remove the hard drive and boot from the M2 NVME.
On my PC to get into the bios I use F12 but the NVME drive does not show up as a boot option.
How can I set it up so it does?
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