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Buy Mini PC noiseless to 100% and not too expensive


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I would like to try a cheaper MINI-PC to use it as a server that will work 24/7.
I would like to use it as a raspberry but this time with Windows 10 since the price is almost identical like the raspberry.

Here is my question:
Which cheapest Mini-PC should I buy?
It must be both the cheapest possible and also 100% silent with no noise at all because this is to use it in a room 24/24 to run an application running and I do not want at all hear no noise.

Thank you in advance


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ok so this one is correct?!.
Is it really 100% silent? I really need to be 100% silent because it runs 24/7 and my bed is 2 meters away, so I can sleep soundly.


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I received last Saturday. It is perfect for me to run it 24/7.
It does not heat up, it is very calm.
On the other hand, the "reset" button does no reset of Windows 10.
And as always the OS "Windows 10" and its Windows Update system that you can not deactivate bother me quite strong. With my PC I am still on Windows 7 and I do not want to switch to Windows 10 because Windows 10 connects itself on the Internet to make updates without my consent and I am against.

Do you know if I can install this on Windows 10 to block all updates: ?

Does it work really well?
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