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Boot problem


New Member
I own the following mini PCs: Z83-F, N34, GN41 and U500H, all with Windows 10 Pro 64 bit platform.
Recently, Microsoft's invitation to update the system to version 20H2 has appeared and, while on N34 and U500H I had no problems, on GN41 the Kodlix logo appears at restart with the loading animation without, however, the system actually starts . I thought about reinstalling the S.O. downloaded from the Microsoft site on a USB key but I do not have the serial number.
Could you provide it to me?
In thanking I offer cordial greetings.
Bruno Satta


Staff member
Hi,Thanks for contacting us and sorry for keeping you waiting.
It seems that I have already replied to you in the mail


New Member
I have the same problems on GN41 (NG) and the sd drive no longer mounts automatically .
Sincerely Cyrille
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