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Bluetooth audio works just fine with Pandora Internet Radio


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I like to stream WiFi music using my Bluetooth headphones and Pandora Internet Radio.  I'm happy to confirm that everything works just fine in Linux Mint 18.3 using XFCE desktop.  I use an app called pianobar to stream Pandora Internet Radio.  Get it like this from a terminal:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install pianobar
Configure it with your Pandora Internet Radio account information by making a filename called config that is in ~/.config/pianobar like this:

mkdir ~/.config/pianobar
nano ~/.config/pianobar/config
This goes into the file (change the things in all caps) and then [CTRL][x] to save 

password = PASSWORD

Start like this:


Enjoy your commercial free music.

You can use your networked Android phone to control the rating with an Android app.  I have the app on my phone, so I may upload it to a server as I don't see it in the google play store anymore.  If I do, then I'll link it HERE.

Next step is to get your wireless headphones paired.  Not difficult-click on the BT icon in your tray and then put the headphones in pairing mode.  At first your headphones will not sound right.  Click on the volume icon and sound setting at the bottom of the pop up.  Under configuration tab u will see this:


Change profile to A2DP like this:


Hope this works out for u!

Marty :D


I put a remote link above and HERE.
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