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Activating WINDOWS 10


New Member
I purchased your Z83-F miniPC with Windows 10 in January 2019.
In the last few days I had to restore the miniPC and reinstall the Windows operating system from scratch.
Everything worked fine but now Windows asks me for the product key to be activated.
I have no product key; can you help me?
Thank you.


New Member
You can refer to the pic below to re-active the system
View attachment 579
Thank you, Joey. I followed the instructions and the activation of Windows 10 PRO was successful.

However WIFI doesn't work.
For the Broadcom 802.11ac WDI SDIO Adapter
I find that it is

impossible to start the device. (Code 10)
{Operation failure}
The requested operation failed.

I tried to reinstall the driver but the system reports that the network card is already updated.


Staff member
Please download the driver and put it on the desktop, I will view your computer remotely.
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