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Accessing Bios setup

I am not able to access the bios setup screen to alter boot menu.
I have tried DEL, F2, F7, and others during power on and nothing seems to work.
Please advise.


KODLIX developer
Staff member
Please confirm whether the keyboard works? Press "DEL" or "F7" during boot to enter BIOS.
Please watch the video from 2:25(For reference only)


New Member
I just purchased a Z83-F and have the same issue but only with one of my monitors:
  • Dell S2417DG (1440p 144Hz) - blank screen instead of boot logo and bios
  • Dell UP3216Q (4k 60Hz) - both the boot logo and bios work fine
With the S2417DG the screen is completely blank until the windows login screen appears.

Using the OSD of the UP3216Q I figured out that you are using 1600x1200 resolution on the boot screen.
After some digging I found out that the S2417DG doesn't have 1600x1200 as a preset display mode - this might be the cause of this problem.

For more info search for "Preset Display Modes" in the user guide of these two monitors:


Staff member
Thank you for your understanding and sharing. A large part of this is caused by the mismatch between the resolution of the monitor and MINIPC.
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