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About GD41 CPU Clock


New Member
I recently purchased a KODLIX GD41 for watching streaming movie.
I noticed that the decoding time was slow.
When I check CPU clock, CPU clock is fixed at 0.79GHz that displayed on task manager CPU performance.
Is this working as expected? I think GD41 will work upto 2.6GHz.
If no, please let me know the way to increase the CPU clock.

【 I done the following 】
- EC update (https://bbs.minisforum.com/threads/gd41-ec-update-to-optimize-cpu-performance.1483/)
- driver installed (https://bbs.minisforum.com/threads/gd41-windows-10-pro-system-file-ver-1903-and-drives.1383/)
- BIOS check ( Turbo boost is enabled )
- CPU temperature check ( It is about 65 degrees, I think no problem )
- Power management on control panel ( Set maximum performance )

【 Information 】
- BIOS ver : BLT-BI-MINIPC-M1902GR200-GA00A-101-E
- OS : Windows10 v1903 ( OS Build : 18362.295)



Staff member
This EC update is only applicable to GD41, please do not try on other devices to avoid damaging the bios of other devices


New Member
just disable bd-prochot in bios, then set other option to "SW_ANY". then turn off then on (reboot not enough). Then speed is unlocked in windows. but don't boot to linux, otherwise you have to run a tool (I forgot its name) on every boot, so it works there too. Even then, everytime you want to go to windows, you have to turn off pc first.
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