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A build of XUbuntu 16.04.5 for Apollo


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Yesterday I used the isorespin script to build XUbuntu 16.04.5 for Apollo.  The script was updated earlier this year and is what I used as the 2017 script didn't work.  Here is the link:


Here are the needed dependencies:


Here is my newly built iso file:

linuxium-apollo-XUbuntu 16.04.5

The sha256 checksum is:


Extract the contents of the iso to your computer and then copy everything to a FAT32 filesystem USB drive.  Reboot your Apollo and press F7 to load from the USB drive.  After 5-10 seconds of darkness it starts a XUbuntu screen.  Pick the install icon once loaded.  It doesn't install your rEFInd bootloader but if that is already working then this will boot and if not then read this thread to install it:


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