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3.5mm combo jack not working properly


New Member
Hi! I recently purchased a N40 unit. Previously, I had a Z83-F. Both have a combo 3.5 audio/microphone jack. In the Z83-F model I used a microphone, with an adapter. The adapter mixes two 3.5 mm female connectors (audio and microphone) into one single 3.5 mm connector The microphone worked properly with the Z83-F unit.

Now I connected the microphone to the N40, but the microphone volume is really low. Everything looks correct in the system, but the microphone is not working properly. The N40 unit was out of the bos an updated to the last windows 10 update available at the moment.

Is there a driver I have to update? What is the 3.5mm connection diagram? The microphone is the typical 3.5 mm connector for a microphone. Is the 3.5 mm connector different between N40 and Z83-F?

Thank you!


Staff member
Please check if the metal contact piece in the 3.5mm audio port does not touch the inserted device466
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