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    Search driver for Z83-F

    Hello after new installation with Windows 10 I have been able to update almost all drivers but one calls himself Boardcom 802.11ac WDI SDIO Adapter Another one is not recognisable who writes himself Unknown gets into i managed to install LAN drivers so finally so happy i have internet lol Can...
  2. N

    3.5mm combo jack not working properly

    Hi! I recently purchased a N40 unit. Previously, I had a Z83-F. Both have a combo 3.5 audio/microphone jack. In the Z83-F model I used a microphone, with an adapter. The adapter mixes two 3.5 mm female connectors (audio and microphone) into one single 3.5 mm connector The microphone worked...
  3. B

    Microphone not working on Z83-F on Lubuntu 18.04.1

    I bought a Z83-F in April 2019 and with help from Huang I was able to get the headphone audio working in Lubuntu 18.04. Now I need to use a Headset (both Mic and Headphones) however the microphone does not work. All voice recordings result in silence. When I pull up PulseAudio under "Input...
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    BlueTooth Headset Microphone Hands Free Profile (HFP) not working on Z83-F

    I’ve spent many days now trying to get a BlueTooth microphone, ie, Headset Hands-Free Profile (HFP) working on two Z83-F Windows 10 Mini PCs. Has anyone else been successful? What am I missing? I’ve painstakingly taken extensive debugging data and turned up some clues, but I’m afraid it’s...
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