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    [SOLVED] No sound after Windows 10 20H2 fresh install

    Good morning from Europe, I think this post may help others to troubleshoot problems with the Audio Hardware on this model. I decided to get a Dogfish SSD to upgrade and improve a little the responsiveness of the system. The only problem I had to deal with it was with the Audio Hardware. If...
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    Microphone not working on Z83-F on Lubuntu 18.04.1

    I bought a Z83-F in April 2019 and with help from Huang I was able to get the headphone audio working in Lubuntu 18.04. Now I need to use a Headset (both Mic and Headphones) however the microphone does not work. All voice recordings result in silence. When I pull up PulseAudio under "Input...
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    Realtek Audio Drivers U500-H

    Bought several U500-H machines for enterprise use. Upon installing our corporate image, Windows did not automatically detect the Realtek sound card. I had to comb through the Minisforum default image and extract the audio drivers. I have placed them in a public GitHub repo that can be found...
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    No Audio for Z83-F on Xubuntu 18.04.1

    First off, great product at a great price! Need help getting Audio working on Xubuntu 18.04.1. There is no sound, and PulseAudio fails. I installed my new Z83-F with Xubuntu 18.04.1 and successfully got Wifi working using the information on the forum regarding brcm text file in /lib...
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