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    Fleet of Z8350s locking up randomly

    Is miniforum going to be providing an updated install image now that 1909 is nearly end of life?
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    Fleet of Z8350s locking up randomly

    Yes, we've done that and it has not helped. You need to understand that we also have 60+ Z8350 in service at the moment.
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    Fleet of Z8350s locking up randomly

    Hello, we use many Z8350 minis in a large deployment. They will eventually lockup after a few days. The display is locked up and must be power cycled. Running windows 10 with latest updates. 1909 originally and now 20H1, but same problem. There is no indication in event manager why it locked up...
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    Computer crashing and becoming unable to use

    What version of windows are they running?
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    Z83-F Windows 10 pro 1903 system (update to 1909)

    Will there be an updated install image for 20H2 since 1909 is EoL from microsoft in May?
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    bsod windows 10 during update or reboot

    I get the same thing with 20H2. It could be a driver problem, but I'm not sure. There's not enough info on the BSOD to say. But it definitely only happens once they are updated to 20H2. 1909 is EoL in May and there's going to be an awful lot of forced updates to 20H2.
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    Installing Windows 10 20H2 drivers problems

    I'm having problems with Win 10 20H2 as well. So far most of the 20 or so Z83-F I tried updating failed to update and rolled itself back. On the one that did succeed (not even sure how it just rebooted one day and had 20H2 on it) but now it blue screens on shut down or restart. I've got a large...
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    Failure of activation after update for some Mini PCs

    Hello, I am having an activation issue. I downloaded the 1909 installer to format a minipc that was unable to receive windows updates any longer. After reinstalling I was unable to activate. I tried the troubleshooting step but it did not help.
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    What kind of SSD in the 2;5" slot?

    What about a hybrid HDD with flash acceleration like this drive? https://www.amazon.ca/Seagate-FireCuda-Hybrid-Performance-Accelerated/dp/B07H2F3741/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=2tb+2.5+ssd&qid=1583360100&sr=8-5
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    Expansion SSD for U500-H,U300-H,GK45

    But your video shows a 2.5inch SSD being installed.
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    Z8350 with no OS pre-installed?

    Still no contact from sales staff. Very interested in knowing if this is possible.
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    Z8350 with no OS pre-installed?

    Thank you, I will do that. Message sent.
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    Z8350 with no OS pre-installed?

    Is it possible to obtain the hardware with no windows OS pre-installed? Thank you.
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