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    Failure of activation after update for some Mini PCs

    Hello, I am having an activation issue. I downloaded the 1909 installer to format a minipc that was unable to receive windows updates any longer. After reinstalling I was unable to activate. I tried the troubleshooting step but it did not help.
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    What kind of SSD in the 2;5" slot?

    What about a hybrid HDD with flash acceleration like this drive? https://www.amazon.ca/Seagate-FireCuda-Hybrid-Performance-Accelerated/dp/B07H2F3741/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=2tb+2.5+ssd&qid=1583360100&sr=8-5
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    Expansion SSD for U500-H,U300-H,GK45

    But your video shows a 2.5inch SSD being installed.
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    Z8350 with no OS pre-installed?

    Still no contact from sales staff. Very interested in knowing if this is possible.
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    Z8350 with no OS pre-installed?

    Thank you, I will do that. Message sent.
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    Z8350 with no OS pre-installed?

    Is it possible to obtain the hardware with no windows OS pre-installed? Thank you.
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