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  1. spikerguy

    What happens if I insert a 256GB SD card?

    This limit must be from the sdcard reader chip and not something from software side. Secondly sd card of such size are quite expensive so maybe the reader chip must be expensive too, to be used in the device.
  2. spikerguy

    EC Chip Driver

    You need latest kernel for full jasperlake support.
  3. spikerguy

    on reboot only: Failed to start detect the available GPUs and deal with any system changes

    This is a known issue with lightdm and gnome. I see it have latest intel gpu. Let me find the fix for you. Can you this fix. Edit this file /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf And add this line under [LightDM] logind-check-graphical=true
  4. spikerguy

    After reading all threads: Wifi still not available on Z83-F

    Hello, Do you have windows along side linux? With the brcm file ap6255 should work. Try disabling wifi on windows and power on to linux. See if it can detect wifi. Share output of this command. dmesg | grep brcm
  5. spikerguy

    tightvncserver does not work on GK41 with Ubuntu 20.04

    This is an issue of Ubuntu OS and not device issue, kindly report it to the ubuntu forum as you will get faster support on ubuntu forum. Good luck.
  6. spikerguy

    [SOLVED] Ubuntu 20.10 Wireless card on Z83-F not available

    Ignore him sounds likea troll or bot. Regarding the firnware your using. Just install linux-firmware package and it should with fine. Regarding the Bluetooth i replied and that thread you need to use a better bt firmware file. I will share the link with you soon. Here these are well...
  7. spikerguy

    Ubuntu 20.10 BT Working but choppy sound

    Can you please check the driver version? If it is old then you should manually update the bt firmware file as ubuntu updates are not too frequent. I will check the firmware version and inform you about it. Just ping me if in case I forget by this weekend. Update: Download the updated bt...
  8. spikerguy

    Shipping dates for x400?

    This is not from Minis Forum delay, it is a world wide delay caused by the shortage in silicon chips. There is a massive shortage that have started to affect everything including stopping manufacturing of vehicles as that cannot source silicon for their car parts. Wifi price have increased upto...
  9. spikerguy

    Cannot boot Linux

    Theoritically you should be able to create your own efi boot partition. From your explaination what I understand is that Bios looks for windows efi. This is similar to my windows8 tablet which could only search for msefi. So I tricked it in thinking that linux efi is indeed the windows efi but...
  10. spikerguy

    Linux stuck

    Please provide more details on where and when the os crashes? There is some issue in Microsoft's March update which is causing bsod on printing. Maybe there must be some more bugs in the update. We don't know yet. Try to update the windows which you installed from minisforum and see if it...
  11. spikerguy

    Unable to install linux. Hangs when booting into graphical installers

    Hello can you try to record a video and upload it somewhere for us to understand the issue? It is nearly impossible to help with such limited information. Thanks.
  12. spikerguy

    GK41 and Ubuntu 20.04.x

    What server do you plan to use it as? It should work out of the box for ubuntu 20.04 or 20.10 with newer kernel. Yes I just checked the j series is well supported in linux kernel so I don't think there should be any problem with using it as ubuntu server. Good luck with your purchase
  13. spikerguy

    Dual Boot

    Yes if you already have windows installed then just install linux along side windows. Maybe the linux partition as first boot so it will start with grub screen where you can select if you want to boot in Windows or linux. Only issue i think is the wifi if you enable it in Windows then you...
  14. spikerguy

    DMAF5 - Recovery

    Hello, Where you able to run linux from a live usb drive? Can you try formatting the internal drive completely and try to install a fresh Windows or linux os? I hope this will help you with recovering your device and make it operational. If you cannot format the drive from live linux...
  15. spikerguy

    SATA 3 GB/s only

    There seem some problem in negotiation. Do you have any other device to test the same drive? Or do you have any other drive to test on this device? Ssd config can vary from every disk manufacturer. Can you share more about the linux distro and its kernel version? Can you try to update...
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