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Which format is the SD card slot compatible with; just SD or SDHC and/or SDXC...?
I'm trying to use a 32GB SDXC card with a bootable image and it is not being recognized by the BIOS.


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Is the cpu processor I3-5005U? can only be inserted into TF card, not SD card.
Some products do not support TF / SD card BIOS boot,Thanks


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Since I am having problems, what tool(s) do you recommend to do the following:
1. Format a 32GB USB key.
2. Install a bootable ISO to the USB key (also, should the ISO use GPT or MBR ?).


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Exactly what boot options are supported by the I3-5005U system and what, if any, are the detailed requirements of each supported device?

Everything I've tried so far is either not recognized by the BIOS, or, if it does show up as a bootable device, it refuses to boot off of it.

For example, when selecting a recognized alternate boot device from the F7 boot menu, it doesn't do anything, the boot menu screen just flashes and then reappears;
or, from the BIOS "Save & Exit" screen, I select my alternate bootable device and it reacts in the same manner as the F7 boot screen, it flashes and does nothing. These same devices work on other desktop or laptop PC's.

I appreciate your continued patience in helping me on this issue.
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